Cómo adaptar la silla de montar a medida del caballo

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Every time you acquire a new horse, you often find yourself needing to make a number of adjustments and purchase new equipment to suit their individual needs. In today’s article, we will explore the process of fitting an English saddle to a horse, highlighting the importance of proper fit for both the horse’s comfort and performance. Uncomentario o reenvía el artículo a alguien que le pueda interesar Western saddles, English saddles can be modified to a certain extent, allowing for a more tailored fit. We will take you through this fascinating process step by step, showcasing the expertise of a professional saddle fitter.

The Importance of a Well-Fitted Saddle

Ensuring that your saddle fits your horse correctly is crucial for their wellbeing and success. In contrast to Western saddles, which often require specific saddle pads or even entirely new saddles for different horses, English saddles offer more versatility in terms of modification. This saves you the hassle and expense of constantly purchasing new saddles. Let’s dive into the saddle fitting process and its significance.

The Saddle Fitting Process

Today, we have the pleasure of observing a professional saddle fitter as they work their magic. Our horse, «Ryder,» has unique characteristics that need to be taken into account. Ryder has high withers and a distinctively different build than our previous horse, «Leah,» who had a shark fin-comentario o reenvía el artículo a alguien que le pueda interesar shape on her withers.

The saddle fitter arrives, and we document the process of adjusting the saddle to fit Ryder perfectly. The first issue identified is that the saddle is too narrow, which could potentially cause discomfort and restrict movement. Furthermore, the saddle is «bridging» on Ryder, meaning it lacks proper contact over certain areas of his back. This can lead to pressure points and potential discomfort during rides.

The saddle fitter explains that she will need to widen the saddle and make necessary adjustments to ensure an optimal fit. This involves modifying the tree of the saddle, which is the rigid structure that provides support. Uncomentario o reenvía el artículo a alguien que le pueda interesar Western saddles, English saddles have a wooden tree with a metal head plate that holds the width of the tree points. The saddle fitter stretches the tree out gently, allowing it to adapt to Ryder’s shape.

Throughout the process, the saddle fitter utilizes a level and paper to measure the symmetry and balance of the horse’s back. By doing so, she can assess how asymmetrical Ryder is and make any necessary adjustments. After some stretching and testing, it becomes clear that the saddle still requires further widening to achieve a perfect fit.

The Results and Final Touches

After some additional modifications, the saddle fitter is satisfied with the fit of the saddle. Ryder’s comfort is the top priority, as an ill-fitted saddle can cause a variety of issues, such as back pain or restricted movement. Once the adjustments are complete, we have the opportunity to observe Ryder being ridden with the newly fitted saddle.

Following the fitting process, it is important to regularly check on the saddle’s fit and make any necessary adjustments. This ensures that the saddle continues to provide maximum comfort and performance for both horse and rider.


Properly fitting an English saddle to a horse is a skill that requires expertise and attention to detail. The process we have witnessed today highlights the importance of adjusting the saddle to meet the unique needs of each individual horse. By having a saddle fitter modify the saddle to achieve a perfect fit, you can enhance your horse’s comfort and overall performance.

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